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Dec 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
believes the improving economy will help it regain its share of passengers. >>> volunteers from the san francisco spca will begin visiting the airport this weekk with eight certified therapy dogs. they wear vests that say pet me. the aim is to relieve stress for travelers. >>> as football playoffs approach, beware websites that would sell you a ticket for that sold out game. a seattle seahawks fan is very upset after buying fake tickets from a man who advertised on craigslist. the tickets for tomorrow's game look real. but when she had her son make the same call as a test, he was offered the exact same seats. the cost? $225 each. >> i had to take out some of the savings money for the tickets for my kids. this was part of their christmas gift. >> police told her there is nothing she can do to get her money back. >>> some parents are excusing to unschool their children with a nontraditional form of learning. the school's founder says even colleges are catching onto the idea that tests aren't everything. >> colleges are starting to realize that students are like, is this going to be on the
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
are putting the affordable care act under the microcope. >> reporter: president obama discussed the economy in washington while pushing his campaign to get americans to sign up for the affordable care act. >> 3 million young americans have been able to stay on their parent's plans. >> reporter: hearings on capitol hill. one, looking at the botched roll out and its effect on taxpayers. >> no one has been held accountable for spending on a website that didn't serve the american people. >> reporter: the other, looking at how patients will be effected. >> this is an enact science here and it will involve billions. >> reporter: 1 million people visited since the upgrade. supporters say it is following a path to medicare and social security. >> early set backs were resolved. critics were proved incorrect and these programs are popular with the american people. >> reporter: another worry, is the website security. a report said it may be vulinable to fraud. >>> a christmastime preddant. the man accuse -- predator. the man accused of killing a man for a playstation 4. how the victim t
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
rumped to their jobs. economists say it's a signal the u.s. economy is continuing to grow. those positive job numbers pushed the dow up today, almost 200 points. the nasdaq closed about 30 points higher. >>> in the dark, and in the cold. >> that's right. a rough day for folks living here in the city of venetia. >> that little fireplace isn't hitting up the room. we're pretty cold. >> tonight, the story behind the darkness as the rain now begins to fall and the temperatures continue to drop. >>> and a mega millions lottery living up to its name. the big jackpot up for grabs just ahead of tonight's drawing. >>> a san jose police officer injured in an accident. how a security guard jumped into action to help catch the suspect. >>> it was an especially cold and dark day for thousands of people at one bay area city as the power went out for hours, just as temperatures were at their lowest. the power outage really couldn't come at a worst time for all those huddled up to stay warm invenetia. why some people are still waiting for the power to come back on. mike? >> reporter: yeah, 140 customers
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3